Nordland  Kunst-og  Filmhøyskole

Nordland  Kunst-og  Filmhøyskole (NKFS), situated in the Arctic Circle in northern Norway, offers a BA in moving image. Rather than a traditional film school, NKFS is an art school educating artists specialising in moving image. This approach is characterised by a deep reflection on the language and methods used, and a critical and creative approach to film conventions. The school is also active nationally in the discourse on new methods of funding, production and distribution reflecting the growth and needs of this field of film practice. The faculty, led by acclaimed filmmaker Katja Eyde Jacobsen, represents some of the most innovative and relevant filmmakers in the Norwegian national context today such as Knut Åsdam, Thomas Østbye, Sille Storilhe and Guro Bruusgaard. The majority of the courses are run by external artist-filmmakers, theorists, and political activists.