Workshop—Brussels, 2014

26 April 2014 - Flanders Audiovisual Fund | vlaams audiovisueel fonds (VAF), Brussels

The day after the Work Sessions, a workshop was organised for artists, professionals and students working with artists' moving image. The workshop was a moment of public debrief in which the experience of the Work Sessions was assessed in order to build a collective form of critique. It also touched on artists’ film production specificities and strategies in general.

The workshop was chaired by María Palacios Cruz and included the participation of the four artists (Sven Augustijnen (BE), Beatrice Gibson (GB), Robert Schlicht / Romana Schmalisch (DE) and An Van. Dienderen (BE)) and their producers (Marie Logie Auguste Orts; Ben CookLUX; Mike Sperlinger- curator, writer, producer, professor; Mathilde VilleneuveLes Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers; Olivier MarboeufKhiasma and Spectre Productions; Steven Op de BeeckContour Biennale (BE)).