Symposium—Kabelvåg, 2019

02 September 2019 - Nordland kunst- og filmskole

The On & For public programme at Nordland Art and Film School consists of a 1-day symposium on artists' moving image production, presentation, dissemination, and the future of the field. With an array of voices to be heard—artists, academics, producers, festival programmers, curators, and more—the day of talking points will culminate in hearing from two artists in focus and a screening programme.


9:30 – 10:00  Welcome and coffee 

With an introduction to the event by Knut Åsdam and Mike Sperlinger.

10:00 – 12:00 Production: sneaking through the cracks

How do artists navigate film production processes, especially with larger projects? How do they negotiate with the demands of various kinds of funders, or the different languages they speak (commercial, artistic, academic, etc.)? How do different contexts and structures for production affect the kinds of work being produced in different parts of the world? And how could production be more centred around individual artistic practices? 

Participants: Dora García (artist), Katja Eyde Jacobsen (artist, producer), Olivier Marboeuf (producer, writer, artist, curator), Anže Peršin (producer).

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch

13:00 - 14:00   Progressive festival culture

Festivals have always been crucial for artists, and not simply as a platform for showing work but as spaces for sharing knowledge, engaging directly with audiences and interacting with a wider film culture.  

How do some festivals work successfully with new film practices and Artists’ Moving Image (AMI)? How does AMI produce different spaces of experience and different audiences for festivals, art spaces or public spaces? 

Participants: Ilona Jurkonytė (Kaunas IFF), Jean-Pierre Rehm (FIDMarseille), Peter Taylor (Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival) and Deborah Stratman (artist). 

14:30 – 15:30   Propositions for the future

This session builds on a report by artist Dan Ward, 'The Politics of Production' (2019), on the conditions of artists’ moving image, commissioned by City Projects, London. It discusses the findings of Ward’s report, followed by a discussion about propositions for the future.

Participants: Dan Ward (artist, author) and Mike Sperlinger (professor, writer, curator).

15:30 Drinks and introduction to the evening’s programme of films    

16:00 - 17.30 Filmmakers in focus: Lene Berg and Deborah Stratman, moderated by Knut Åsdam (artist, professor) and Benjamin Cook (LUX).

19:00 - Dinner & Screening Programme

The evening dinner will be followed by a programme of films. Films involving partners, participants and others.