Videos: Case Studies—Online, 2021

Mapping Distribution: New Norwegian Initiatives was a collaboration between On & For Production and Distribution and Kunstnernes Hus Kino.

Across five videos released weekly on Kunstnernes Hus Kino's website, a series of invited Norwegian organisations and networks involved in creative audiovisual distribution shared knowledge to illuminate the variety, particularities, audiences, contexts and needs they were immersed in and responded to. The video series culminated in an online roundtable, Distributed Futures: Alternative Circuits for alternative films? in a conversation chaired by Mike Sperlinger (Oslo National Academy of the Arts), available here (and below). 

Participanting organisations and panelists: Anne Lajla Utsi (The Sami Film Institute / Sápmifilm Arctic Moving Image Film Festival (AMIFF), Mariken Halle (Nordland Kunst- go Filmhøgskole) Nicolas Siepen, Silja Espolin Johnson (Kunstnernes Hus) and Lene Berg (Jack Film Agency), moderated by Mike Sperlinger (Oslo National Academy of the Arts).

False Belief, Mobile Egress and What is a Woman?

Film directors Lene Berg, Knut Åsdam and Marin Håskjold, all part of the new film agency Jack, reflect upon their experiences from their own self-distribution.

Video: False Belief by Lene Berg

Video: Mobil Egress by Knut Åsdam

Video: What is a woman? by Marin Håskjold


The International Sámi Film Institute/Sápmifilm

The International Sámi Film Institute/Sápmifilm (ISFI) enables films in the Sámi language to be made and distributed. Do we need alternative structures for alternative films? Can alliances across artistic disciplines help create better structures fort artist and independent film? These questions are reflected upon in the video.

Video: Distributing Sámi and Indigenous Films by The International Sámi Film Institute/Sápmifilm

Nordland School of Arts and Film

Nordland School of Art and Film (NKFS) in Lofoten is an art school specialising in moving image. 'Hallway Conversations', a piece commissioned by Katja Eyde Jacobsen from NKFS, invites professionals across the disciplines of visual art and film that are actively engaged in questions of distribution to contribute to a series of video reflections and a panel discussion.

Video: Hallway Conversations by Katja Eyde Jacobsen

Jack Film Agency

Jack Film Agency is a newly established agency for film distribution, developed in the environment of Nordland School of Arts and Film. Three of the initiators of the film agency Jack, namely festival programmer Cato Fossum, filmmaker Mariken Halle and artist Knut Åsdam in conversation with Louisa Olufsen Layne contributed with their reflections in video to this initiaive.

Video: Why Jack? by Cato Fossum

Video: Home to the Audience by Mariken Halle

Video: Knut Åsdam and Louisa Olufsen Layne in conversation

Arctic Moving Image & Film Festival

The Arctic Moving Image & Film Festival (AMIFF) is a film and art festival in Harstad, created with an ambition to link different expressions in film. Nicolas Siepen contributes to the conversation about distribution with Gadget + Desire.

Video: Gadget + Desire by Nicolas Siepen

Distributed Futures: Alternative Circuits for alternative films?

Video: Kunstnernes Hus Kino