Workshop—Brussels, 2015

24 April 2015 - RITCS | School of Arts, Brussels

How to get a film out there? Exploring distribution as a part of production.

The On & For Workshop examines distribution strategies and how they are usually inserted in—and might affect—the production process. Further, it investigates how to expand such strategies so that they better respond to the needs of artists’ films productions.

The On & For Workshop brings together an international group of leading organisations in the field of artists’ film production, renowned professionals and artists working with film. It provides the opportunity to discuss different modes of working, to share common concerns, and to exchange knowledge with other professionals and students working with moving image.

The workshop is structured around three presentations that provide practical and concrete examples in order to gear the discussion between the invited speakers/respondents and the attendants. These presentations have been chosen in order to cover a wide spectrum of issues, including the distribution of young artists' work, the possibilities of hybrid distribution across art and cinema, and the complexities that can result from the involvement of multiple partners in one film.

>> The 3 presentations are presented by: Johan Grimonprez (Artist, BE); Marie Logie (Director, Auguste Orts, BE) and Adam Pugh (Artists’ Moving Image Project Manager, Independent Cinema Office, GB).

>> Guest Respondents: Ben Cook (Director, LUX, GB); Peter Krüger (Director, Inti Films, BE); Olivier Marboeuf (Curator, Producer and Distributor, Khiasma and Spectre Productions, FR) ; Joyce Palmers (Media desk Flanders, BE); Gudrun Heymans (Culture Desk Flanders, BE); Rolf Quaghebeur (Director, Argos, BE) and Katrien Reist (Coordinator, Jubilee, BE), among others.

>> Moderated by: María Palacios Cruz (Deputy Director, LUX, GB)